Switch from Heading to Body quirkiness

Just updated from the eval to the AppStore version now so no more nag screen :slight_smile:

Anyhoo, there’s a quirk that I wanted to get your thoughts on. It seems that if I select the Heading preset, type a heading then select the Body preset the body text remains in Bold and I have to switch it off manually.

If I go to the formatting preferences and do the same switch I see the sample text change to Heading (with bold) and then when I switch to body the text still has Bold selected. I can turn it off here of course but in terms of what is actually stored it looks like the preference doesn’t seem to update to Regular, rather it treats Regular text to be lacking the instruction to turn off Bold… I hope that makes sense.

Any thoughts?


Hi Andy,

Thanks for buying!

The reason “Body” doesn’t turn off bold is that “Body” is a paragraph style whereas "Heading is a paragraph and character style. You can see this by looking at the icon next to their titles in the menu: styles that only affect character formatting (bold, italics, font and suchlike) have a blue “a” icon next to them; styles that only affect paragraph formatting (and which don’t touch the character format) have a blue paragraph pilcrow next to them; styles that affect both have both icons.

So, because “Body” is set only to affect the paragraph styling, it won’t have any effect on things such as bold, italics and suchlike. In general you wouldn’t want it to because if it did and you selected an existing paragraph, you would lose any italics or bold and suchlike within that paragraph.

However, you can either edit “Body”, or create a new style based on “Body”, to do what you want. To do so, just select some body text in your document and either go to Format > Formatting > Redefine Preset From Selection and choose “Body” (if you want to redefine “Body”) or Format > Formatting > New Preset From Selection. Then, in the sheet that appears, choose “Save all formatting”, optionally include the font and font size (or untick those if you don’t want the actual font affected), and then click “OK”.

Hope that helps.

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Ah, cheers Kevin, that indeed makes a lot of sense.

I couldn’t imagine it was anything more than a feature but I didn’t see an FAQ about it :slight_smile:

Who’s Kevin?


Doh! :blush:

Working 12 hour days 6 days a week at the moment is taking it’s toll I think, sorry Keith :laughing: