Switch to Binder Command

I understand "Enclosing Group (^ cmd– R)) allow me to switch from a doc I am writing in to the Binder. My issue is that I am not sure how to type the “^”. No matter how I get there, the command just enters a “^” in the doc in which I am writing. This is going to be one of those obvious, but overlooked things, I’m sure. What have I missed?



Are you keying the actual character ^?

If so, the ^ symbol represents the control key for keyboard shortcut purposes. So the shortcut : ^ cmd– R = cntrl cmd (then tap) R

The symbol convention is found here : (PDF page 6+) literatureandlatte.com/docum … letter.pdf

Also, here’s the explanation for the “Enclosing Group” :

(PDF page 88) literatureandlatte.com/docum … letter.pdf

I’m not sure that that’s what you’re trying to accomplish. If you’re trying to reveal the doc in the binder, the shortcut is: opt(or alt) cmd R

Yeah the Opt-Cmd-R shortcut is probably more what you are looking for. The command you are asking about will navigate the editor to view the parent of the item you were editing—so as to see its context among the items around it. Additionally if all you want to do is get to the binder without revealing the edited document or changing its selection, there are commands for moving your keyboard focus around within the application, in the View/Move Focus To/ submenu.

The simplest of these is Ctrl-Tab which just cycles around through the editor(s) and the binder, but you can also jump straight to any split or the binder with a direct shortcut too.

Thanks for the responses. I learned something from everyone. It turns out I wanted CTRL-TAB, but didn’t explain myself well.

I’ll use all these commands, now.