Switched computers, can't find old scriv files

Hello everyone and sorry for something that’s probably been beaten to death (although none of the previous situations mirrored mine :confused: )

  • Scrivener installed on old computer 2016
  • Used the program intensely for about 2 years
  • Recently bought a new computer and transferred personal data + everything within the Scrivener folder to new machine
  • Now (2020Sept) I downloaded the new Scrivener update intending on dusting off writing fingers. Cannot locate my *.scriv files anywhere.

I read on here that they are *.xml files but…where were/are they kept? Would they not have been in the original Scrivener folder?

Thank you.

Scrivener projects aren’t stored in the application’s folder. They are stored where ever you choose to save them, typically your user Documents folder. If you put *.scriv into the search function on Windows it should find any project on your system.

Ahh ok I see. Thanks…I didn’t remember setting it up in the beginning but I obviously must have . Time to pull out the old machine!!