Switched to MAc for Scrivener


When I found about this amazing piece of software a month ago, something I’d been looking for,… for decades,… I asked a friend of mine if he could lend me his mac laptop for a few days. I tested Scrivener as thoroughly as I could, and decided I would buy it. To be true, I was convinced in my first hour of testing. So yes, I bought a mac specifically to be able and use Scrivener. Simply the best designed writing software for me sofar, and I’ve been using a few.

Feature that made me jump through (the) ‘Windows’ :

  • (excellent) Full Screen Mode
  • CVS-like snapshots
  • Outliner/Coarkboard + Edit Scrivenings

Two thumbs up.

Hi Peter, many thanks for the kind words, and for the huge compliment of moving to a Mac mainly to use Scrivener - I really appreciate it. I hope that Scrivener continues to live up to your expectations!

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I too tried out Scrivener on a friend’s laptop and thought it would be extremely useful to me. I even went out and bought a Mac with the idea of purchasing Scrivener. But being an expatriate, I found that I could not buy Scrivener from the country in which I live.

So a word of caution to those who are planning a switch - CHECK FIRST whether Scrivener can be bought from your country. If you reside in Africa or Asia, with a few exceptions, this is unlikely.

You can’t buy the Scrivener USB Pill and have it mailed? This is how a friend of mine who is in the Peace Corps got around this.

See this thread if this is a possibility.



The problem lies in paying for it. If you, for instance, live in Sri Lanka, the Scrivener website will not accept payment in Sri Lankan currency.

That must be a limitation of eSellerate.
One way to avoid this problem, which will increase as Scrivener abounds,
Is to establish a way of paying via PayPal.
I’ve found it to be the best means of paying vendors who request foreign funds.
I would not want to see writers of any nations denied access.

Sorry if I am wrong about this (I haven’t checked the store out, and don’t live in a country where this is a problem), but if the problem is solely currency, couldn’t you choose to buy it in another currency like US Dollars, and just pay your bank a couple of dollars for an “International Conversion Fee”?

That is what happens when I buy stuff on my credit card when travelling overseas, and quite regularly over the internet (I pay for a lot of things, like Web Hosting and Domain Registration in US Dollars) without a problem.


Thanks for the suggestions! But the problem isn’t solely currency. Esellerate, on many sites, puts a block on credit cards from certain parts of the world.

The best thing to do in this situation is to e-mail us so we can find a solution. eSellerate have a block on a couple of countries where there have been a ridiculously high number of fraudulent sales against legitimate ones, but as far as I know it isn’t all that many, and I’m surprised Sri Lanka is on the list. But if you e-mail us we can get in touch with eSellerate and find a workaround - they are very good at providing support.
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Thank you! But for me personally, the simplest solution would be to ask a sibling in England to buy it for me. :wink:

Ha! Great, thanks! :smiley:

All the same, I would suggest that you take a second look at your site policies.

You may not realise this, but it is a huge insult to a customer to have his credit card refused because of the country he is from. When this happens on other sites, the owner usually explains that he has enabled business with just those countries that he primarily does business with, and means no insult to anyone else.

But you, on the other hand, have gone on record on a public forum to say that you have blocked certain countries because they are full of crooks! :mrgreen:

KB, all I can say is that there are certain things you need to think about!

In all fairness, I think the ones you should be writing to about this are the folks at eSellerate. They are the digital distributors. Yelling at Keith is like yelling at Sony because Best Buy didn’t approve your credit application for an HD television.

Let us look at your analogy a little more closely – let’s say Sony chooses to do business through one shop and one shop only. We will call it “The Mom and Pop Store.” The Mom and Pop store informs customers that they do not sell TV’s to Africans, Asians and South Americans. When a customer informs Keith about this, he says, “Yeah, well, people from those countries are dishonest.”

Hello All,

You can already use a PayPal account to purchase Scrivener via eSellerate’s online store. There is also currently a choice of 14 different worldwide currencies to choose from. As usual, you can pay in another currency if your country’s monetary unit is not shown. eSellerate only tend to prevent a credit card transaction from functioning if the issuing bank has flagged the account (there are numerous reasons for this happening, some of them seemingly completely benign). To reiterate, payment via PayPal is already available though.

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That’s not what Keith said to you.

Moreover, he offered to settle things with eSellerate for you.


What the…?

I’m not quite sure where this has come from, but you are putting words into my mouth and I don’t appreciate it. Your accusations are insulting and ungrounded in anything I have said, either here or elsewhere.

For a start, we have plenty of customers from all over the world, including Asia, Africa and South America, thank you very much, and at no point have I EVER said anything disparaging about ANYONE from other countries, and nor would I ever do so or wish to prevent any particular group of people from buying Scrivener.

I’ve done nothing but try to help here, and I am deeply insulted at your unwarranted accusations of xenophobia and politely ask you to refrain from such accusations should you wish to remain on this forum.

Please try actually reading my previous reply. The only thing I said was:

To break this down for you: eSellerate (a third-party company who handle our sales - not me, not David) have blocked a couple of countries where there have been a high number of fraudulent sales (i.e. in which eSellerate have experienced a lot of fraud - that is entirely different from saying that the entire population of such countries is full of “crooks”). To the best of my knowledge. I don’t know which ones, because eSellerate are a separate company, but there certainly aren’t very many. And certainly not whole continents as you claim, rather ridiculously.

I really don’t understand how you managed to twist that into me saying that all customers from the countries you mentioned are thieves, or that I refuse to do business with them (and note that I have mentioned no countries myself because I don’t know which ones eSellerate block - all of these claims are your own). I said no such thing. I merely pointed out that I am aware that our sales portal - eSellerate - does block certain countries. I have no control over that. And as David has pointed out, the block should only affect using credit cards via eSellerate directly (no doubt because they too are a small company and were losing money in this minority of countries because of a minority of people within those countries, meaning that they couldn’t afford to do business there any longer ) - but they also accept PayPal payments, so you can just use your PayPal account to purchase if you have any problems processing your card through eSellerate.

If you have an issue with this, I suggest you take it up with eSellerate directly:


We are a small business and would not be able to operate without a third-party vendor handling our sales. And whilst it is unfortunate that eSellerate have blocked a couple of countries, on the whole our experience with eSellerate has been top-notch, otherwise we would not continue to use them.

To reiterate: Despite this user’s erroneous, misleading and grossly unfair and unfounded accusations, Literature & Latte most certainly does not refuse to do business with anyone based on where you are from, and should you find that you have problems purchasing Scrivener because eSellerate don’t accept payments directly from your area, get in touch with us and we will do our best to help.


Leaving aside the emotions and looking at the facts…

I am a customer from India. When I tried to buy Scrivener online, my card was rejected. I subsequently used the same card on the same day, to purchase Liquid Story Binder, and Story View, from two different websites, without a problem.

These are the facts.

I’m glad I stumbled upon this discussion, which is of great interest to me. What particularly interested me was Franz’s assertion that Keith “offered to settle things at eSellerate” for Henry.

Franz, I tried to buy Scrivener online a couple of months ago. When I found that my credit card was rejected, I wrote to the Scrivener website about it, explaining that I am Indian, and that my international MasterCard from ABN Amro Bank was (strangely) not accepted. I interacted with someone called Tony Barnes from eSellerate and someone called David from Scrivener.

I found that while they made a lot of sympathetic noises, no genuine effort was made to solve the problem. I was eventually brushed aside with the tactful statement that “we’re sorry, but there are certain kinds of cards we don’t accept.”

While it is anybody’s guess what their reasons are for doing this, it is a fact that commerce with certain parts of the world is blocked on the Scrivener site. And from my personal experience in interacting with them, it would seem that they are not inclined to change this.


Please do not create multiple accounts to repeat your point as this is considered “trolling”, and you will be banned from the forums. Note that IP addresses and ISP information is available via PHPBB and I find it very strange that more than one user with the same IP address, internet provider and fondness for Gmail has stumbled across this thread at the same time.

It seems a shame that rather than discuss this issue properly you feel the need to create multiple accounts to badmouth our business. For the record, as we have nothing to hide and this (one) user’s accusations are entirely ungrounded, here are the facts:

We have on record one incident of a customer from India having a problem with his card, who did indeed contact us (and yes, it is the very same user who posted above). We passed the issue on to eSellerate, and Tony Barnes from eSellerate did deal with the customer.

Here is the correspondence so that users can judge for themselves (I won’t reproduce the user’s, of course, as I don’t have permission):

Following the user’s e-mail to us saying that his credit card had been refused when attempting to purchase, this was David’s reply:

Later the same day, Tony from eSellerate replied to the user thus:

To this, the user replied that he was using an international credit card issued from India, and that the error message he was receiving was that his card was not found in the database.

Later the same day, Tony replied:

And that is the last we ever heard from this user - he never replied to Tony or to us after Tony’s e-mail. Note that, just as David and I did upthread, Tony pointed out that the user could use PayPal or try another card, and thus provided the user with an alternate way of purchasing. At no point did this person e-mail us again to tell us that this wasn’t acceptable or that he still could not purchase - had he done so, we would have tried to help. (We have to rely on eSellerate to accept payments, though, as we are not set up to accept payments directly and to process sales tax in all the various countries.)

These are also the facts.

Now, I am sorry that eSellerate aren’t able to accept every single card, and that is indeed unfortunate, although I have no control over that and it is very rare. And I’m sorry that a user’s experience of trying to purchase Scrivener wasn’t as smooth as we would like it to have been. But I think you can see from the above that we did everything to help this customer, and that this person is being more than a little unreasonable in badmouthing us.

So, I reiterate: if you have problems purchasing, let us know and we will do our best to help. You can use PayPal if your credit card has problems with eSellerate, but if that won’t work for you, let us know (unlike the user above who instead chooses to disparage us even though he never let us know he wasn’t happy with the solution offered by eSellerate).