Switching between Binder and Search Results changes docs

I’ve noticed some strangeness when going between the Search Results and the Binder, in that it unexpectedly navigates the current pane to a different page. There are several ways that things do something unexpected, but here is one that I find particularly annoying:

  1. Do a search.
  2. Select an item from Search Results.
  3. Hit Ctrl-Shift-8 to Reveal in Binder.
  4. Binder changes to the item you had highlighted, but at the same time you get navigated to an entirely different item. Perhaps the one you had previously selected in the Binder, before you went to Search Results at all, or maybe something else. In any case it’s completely counter-intuitive.

I have this problem constantly; I thought someone else had reported it, but I’m not sure anyone did.

This whole area has a problem in that switching between tabs should never change your editor anyway, ever. This has proven a little difficult to fix with the current code base, but it is something we intend to fix. The desired behaviour should be that you can freely change sidebar views while keeping the editor material up as a reference. This facilitates “search and recover” workflows, for example, where you might locate a set of cards using a saved search collection, and then switch back to the Binder to move them all to a folder by dragging and dropping them from the corkboard. That’s just one example of how a more persistent system can be used.

The only exception to that is of course Reveal in Binder, which should just switch back to the Binder tab and highlight the selected items—but again without touching the editor contents (which should be identical to the selection at that point, anyway).

So once we get the underlying problem fixed, this should sort out this secondary issue as well as others.

I just wanted to confirm that, unfortunately, this bug still exists in

It looks like this bug is fixed in version Based on this item in the change list I gather it was intentional:

In any case, thank you!

Good, glad that fixed it for you!