Switching between corkboard and text

It could be just me, but I find switching between corkboard view and text view to be fraught. It seems that the corkboard icon appears and disappears randomly in the iOS Binder and that sometimes it isn’t even present in the text view. (I think I see this when the item is a text item containing fewer than two sub items.) It seems to work differently if the item in question is, or is not, a folder.

It would be nice if view-switching were easily and consistently available at all times. My understanding is that there is no real difference between a folder (which can contain text) and a text (which can contain sub-texts (and even folders?)). The system could, and in my opinion should, handle these more consistently.


If an item has no sub-documents, then the corkboard is empty.

Please see the Corkboard section in the iOS Scrivener tutorial for more information.


IMO, the icon should be there. Maybe even a dotted-line card, touch to fill in