switching between files in full screen mode

I realize that it’s possible that I haven’t found an existing feature that does this yet, but:

I really like the full screen editing mode. I also really like using the keyboard for commands rather than the mouse when I can.

When I switch to full screen mode, it only displays the current file(s) being viewed, and I can’t see a way to quickly switch to another one. The feature request that popped into my head right away is a feature that would allow me to go to the previous next document in the binder. I guess that this might be useful elsewhere, but it may be especially useful here, since the binder isn’t displayed in FS mode. There might be a much cooler way to implement quickly switching between docs…


There are two ways to do this: The predetermined method, and the spontaneous method. A) Select all of the documents you wish to work on during a session, then enter FullScreen. You will see the lastly selected document displayed. Now use the history keys to jump between the documents you selected. These are Cmd-[ and Cmd-]. B) You can still access the menu in full screen. Simply use the “Go To…” ability in the View menu to jump anywhere in the Binder. Documents you have jumped to using method (B) will be added to the history queue.

The select files->full screen-> [ and ] method works just like I want it to. I had a feeling that feature was buried in their somewhere.

Thanks! (I guess I’ll need to work harder to come up with a good wish list!)


If you have two screens with the main window on one and full screen on the other, you can also alt-click on the file in the binder of the main window to open the file in full screen.


Keith, I can’t get the alt-click to work[1]; it just changes the document in the main window. Is there anything else I should be doing? The way you use the second monitor for full-screen is just great BTW :smiley:

[1] Scrivener 1.055b on a Macbook using 2nd external monitor via mini-DVI adaptor placed to the left. Desk is imitation pine; my sock colour: red, yellow and grey…

Sorry, it may be function-click in that version, changed to alt-click for the next update. Whoops. :slight_smile: