Switching Between Folders

Until recently, if I clicked away from one folder (say, a chapter I’d been working on) to another (say, a “graveyard” of cuts), and then clicked back to the first folder, it would re-open the first folder more or less where I’d left off. In the last few days, however, clicking back to the first folder leads to a brief “Loading Text” message and then plops me at the start of the chapter, and then I have to scroll down to where I was previously working. This makes it a little more difficult to smoothly jump back and forth between different folders. Has anyone else been having this issue? Is it a function of the first folder getting too big (I think it’s something like 60,000 words), or perhaps some new update? If it helps, I’m working with Scrivener V2.9. Thanks!

Are you having 60 k words in one single document? Or are you clicking on a parent document (i.e “folder”)? What you load in the editor by clicking in the binder is read from disk. So if you load something else and then try to jump back to where u´you were by loading 60 k words in the editor you might experience problems.

Split the text in small pieces and don’t load all of it all the time.

And if you want to check background data while you write, split the editor and have the text in one half and the background data in one half.

It might be you recently switched to using Scrivenings mode (“Loading Text” is a clue, as its having to load many multiple files at once)? You can check this on the folder by looking at the View menu and seeing if it displays “Scrivenings” with a checkmark beside it. When you load a group of items in Scrivenings mode, it always loads at the top, because your cursor position isn’t stored for the whole session, but rather per text chunk within the session (if viewed individually).

There is way around this though, and one more generally efficient if you’re just switching between two folders anyway, and that’s the History feature. The two browser-like buttons (also ⌘[ and ⌘]) in the editor header bar work just like you’d expect them to—but since a history session is a special kind of thing rather than a folder, it will store where the cursor or selection was within the session before leaving it. Another little efficiency boost you get from using those is that it leaves the cursor in the editor, so you can get back to writing more quickly than when using the Binder to navigate.

But if you do want to click in the binder, note there are better ways to navigate within a large session than scrolling. §15.10.3, Quick Navigation Through Scrivenings, in the user manual PDF, goes over the available tools.

That did it! Thanks so much, all.