switching between Greek and US English input

I’m having an issue when I switch between Polytonic Greek and US English input. I normally use Optima as my font when writing in English, but Optima doesn’t have a Greek character set, so when I switch to it, the font changes to Lucinda Grande. When I change back to English, the font doesn’t change back to Optima.

When I type in TextEdit or Pages, it changes my font back to the original when I go from Greek to English. Is there something different about how Scrivener handles international input?


By curious coincidence another user e-mailed me to report exactly the same problem today, although he was talking about English and Japanese.

However, I can’t seem to reproduce it. I started writing in Optima, switched to Greek Polytonic, tapped away for a few letters, then switched back to British and my font returned to Optima as it should. (I tried this with Japanese for the other user, too.)

Could you give me some specific instructions on how to reproduce this? Also, what operation system are you using? I’ve only tried it on 10.6.2. You say that TextEdit and Pages work as expected, but they use Helvetica out-of-the-box - what about if you change TextEdit’s font to the font you use in Scrivener, then switch to Greek and back?

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I think this is a bug in Apple’s text system that gets triggered whenever you type a polytonic greek accent followed by backspace. Normally, the font in the Font dialog should switch from Lucida Grande back to Optima, but not in this case. Here’s a video: