Switching Docs in Full-Screen Mode?

As far as i can tell, the pop-up used to switch documents while in full-screen mode has disappeared. “Where’d da cheese go?” I liked that thing! Can we have that back?

While we’re at it, it would be cool if the “full-screen dock” was customizable, i.e., you could right-click and check/un-check features that you want or don’t want to see, or set it to pre-defined sets (or to defaults). When you think about it, one doesn’t need to adjust often the width of the page or the background fade, or the justification or the text size. What i, for one, DO need is the ability to jump between docs, reference, etc.

I also feel compelled to say that i am a HUGE fan of Scriv. I couldn’t possibly express how good it feels to be writing in a program as evolved as Scriv is, but LIBERATING is a start! What was i thinking, trying to write long-form in WORD!

The change docs pop-up has gone because it is redundant now that you can do the same through the menu: whilst in full screen, just pop the mouse to the top of the screen so that the menu appears, then go to View > Go To and select the document you want to see.

As for the elements, the control bar at the bottom is not a toolbar, so it cannot be customised. It includes elements that you may want to use whilst in full screen. You may wish to change the width of the paper or its position so that you can place the inspector or keywords HUD how you wish, for instance, and given that they are sliders they are best done “live” rather than trying to set these things blind via the Preferences.