Switching from Corkboard Loses My Place

Probably, I’m doing something wrong, or not using one of the countless settings correctly, but this is driving me nuts.

I’m working in “Novel Format” template mode, if that makes any sense. I have maybe 50 text index cards. Of course, only 16 fit on my screen at a time. So let’s say I scroll down a page or two to some random index card and double-click on the icon. The text editor comes up, and now I’m editing the text. I finish my changes, and now want to get back to the cork board. And here’s the problem.

(At this point I should mention that I love the product and can tell it’s written with tender loving care - I was a GUI developer for 20+ years, and I appreciate a finely polished product like this.)

Okay. The problem is, when I switch back to the cork board, it’s scrolled all the way to the top ! Aaarrgghh! I now have to hunt through the dozens of index cards for the one I was just editing. And that’s very hard to do, as I’m exhausted from all the writing I did. Half the time I can’t remember it, and just work on a different index card.

What I would expect the program to do – and the best programs are the ones that “just work the way you expect”, which sounds easy, but is damned difficult to produce – is remember the index card I was editing, select/highlight it, and scroll it into view. That way, I could find where I was working and continue on with the next card.

If there’s a trick to doing this I’d be grateful to hear it. Thanks.

This is just a bug with the way the group view mode is currently refreshing. It should be working just as you expect, where hitting the back button will return you to the corkboard with the card selected and scrolled into view. So there’s not a fix I can suggest for this at the moment, but we are aware of the bug and it will be fixed in a future update.