Switching from linked PDFs to imported PDFs


I have a question concering research PDFs. Right now I have 150+ papers linked in Scrivener, the PDF-files are stored in a folder on my Mac. Each file is tagged, has Keywords attached to it, as well as notes and synopses. Is there any way of talking the real pdf files and switching them with their aliases in Scrivener while keeping all the metadata intact?

Thanks for your help!

I can’t think of a simple way of going about that.

If you’re handy with a little basic XML and messing with aliases in Finder, then it would not be impossible, or even difficult, to make this conversion to the binder items themselves. The actual alias is stored within the project’s Files/Docs sub-folder, and could be replaced with the original (so an alias called “522.pdf” pointing to “some_file.pdf” would be copied and renamed to “522.pdf” itself, replacing the alias), and then the master binder file, the .scrivx file at the top level of the project package architecture, would need the Yes element removed from the original binder item with the ID of “522”. If you were replacing all aliases from the project, then search & replace to clean out those elements completely would be easier than cross-referencing ID numbers and fixing them one by one.

Let me know if you need any help on sorting out the above—and of course, if you choose to manually edit the project yourself, do so on a duplicate copy that can risk being damaged.

Thanks, this method does work fine for me. Now I just have to rename all PDFs to the Scrivener IDs :wink: