Switching from RTF to Txt for Synched folders caused text problems

Using When I switched my synced folders from using RTF to Text, I got a bunch of code mixed in with my text.


“On the right there are various screen profiles to help you as well as settings that can prevent viewing in different orientations and sizes.}
\par\plain \f0\fs24\b0\i0
\par\plain {\f0\fs24\b0\i0 You should determine the Story Size and aspect ratio right from the start of your development because changing it later can mess up your graphic placement and sizes. }
\par\plain \f0\fs24\b0\i0
\par\plain {\f0\fs24\b0\i0 When you…”

Since you’re using the beta version, it’s best to report this in the Beta Testing forum, where it will get proper attention: https://www.literatureandlatte.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=57.