Switching from Scrivener to Final Draft midstream

It’s time to start writing my script – developed in Scrivener on the cork board juxtaposing Scenes – and I finally :wink: made the leap to Final Draft 8. I didn’t receive FD yet but have a question in preparation.

I’m aware Scrivener is FD friendly. I’d like to export my Characters, Scenes, notes, etc., directly into FD. Is that doable?

I’m afraid not really - not yet. Scrivener 2.0 will support exporting all of your index cards to Final Draft 8, but currently only the script gets moved included in the export… Sorry!
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Thanks, Keith… Can’t wait for Scrivener 2. Is there a beta I can test?

Just to follow up… Now that I’m writing my script in FD8 I do not miss it not importing my Scrivener index cards. Firstly, a script is a different beast than an outline. You can rip up the outline once you start writing a script – it’s only a starting point. Secondly, if your Index Card don’t conform to FD’s “Scene Properties” they’ll only get in the way.

What works for me is assigning a “Space” for Scrivener’s cork-board and a “Space” for FD. When I want to refer to my Scrivener outline I click on its icon on the dock. Ditto for FD, just shuttle back a forth. Ultimately, I view FD’s Scene Properties as the final refinement of the work begun in Scrivener but I like to use both as standalone tools.

Thanks for your post. I went through a hell of time myself figuring how I would work with the two and have come to the same conclusion as you. Just use FD8 to write the script and keep a separate window with Scrivener with all outlines, index cards and everything else. And yes, shuttle back and forth. There were a lot of discussions, sometimes heated to try and get everything into Scrivener. But for that to really happen Scrivener would have to buy out FD or vise versa and that is not happening. So we deal with it and make it work.

@ themakcompany
Scrivener Index Cards would have to conform to FD’s “Heading - Title - Summary” format to work properly, but for my workflow I feel there’s a benefit in keeping FD and Scrivener separate.