Switching from Short Story to Screenplay?

Maybe a dumb question…but I started out with an idea that I THOUGHT was going to be a short story. So I used the short story template to begin.

But as I got going (and did a LOT of writing and research) I realized that this is, in fact, a better screenplay than a short story.

I seem to be able to create scripts, proper formatting, etc, quite easily. I’ve opened the default script template and dragged/dropped some of the template pages over, and they seem to work.

I’m ASSUMING this is okay? Or will the fact that this document “started out” as a story come back and bite me down the road?

Thanks! :smiley:

A Scrivener template is just a starting point for a new project – it is not a mode or setting that rigidly controls what you can do with the project.

I haven’t used script mode, but basically, you just need to turn it on and re-edit what you’ve written so far.

Cool! Thanks :slight_smile: