Switching Paired Corkboards and Workspaces

Hey I was wondering if anyone knew if there was something in the settings that would pair a corkboard page with its corresponding workspace.

This is my current setup, and I want the top to consistently be the corkboard and the bottom consistently the workspace.

PS: If you haven’t noticed, I’m running the Scrivener NaNoWriMo 2.0 Preview. And it’s actually been a little buggy. Sometimes it freezes up and requires me to force quit. Once it even quit on its own.

Obviously you should report bugs to us - we can’t fix them unless we know about them.

Regarding the workspace thing, click on the button with the two arrows beneath the corkboard so that they turn blue. That turns on “Selection affects other editor”, which means that clicking on cards in the corkboard will open the documents in the editor below. You can use Binder Affects in the View menu to control whether the binder should affect both editors or just one of them.

way ahead of you KB. I used the submission form that comes up when it crashes.

I’ve been trying the Binder Affects, but none of the options get the corkboard and editor to change simultaneously. I would like each editor to stay locked to it’s corresponding corkboard. is that possible?

Thanks for submitting the crash report - I have a lot of those to go through.

I don’t think I understand you about the corkboard - you say you’ve already used the “Selection affects other editor” button?

Yes. And that button doesn’t bind specific corkboards to corresponding workspaces.
I don’t know if I’m being clear. Here’s my example
Say I’m working on poems one through three, and that specific page of poems
has a corkboard with notes pertaining only to those poems.
What I want to do is, whenever I click on a different page in the binder,
I want both the corkboard and the editor for that selection to pop up.
As it stands, the binder selection only affects the currently selected space
(either corkboard or editor).

Yeah, I see what you’re trying to do, but there’s not a way to open sets of documents in both editors with just one click from the Binder. Depending how you structured your work in the Binder, you could probably streamline the process a bit–maybe all your notes are stored as subdocuments to the main text, so you could open the top level text, split the editor/match split documents, and then switch the second editor to corkboard mode. Three clicks, probably even faster if you use keyboard shortcuts to do it. Or if they’re all at the same level (the main text and the associated notes) you could open the folder in the corkboard with one click from the binder, and then (with the first editor set for selections to affect the second editor) click on the index card for the main text and have that open in the second editor; two clicks.

Not exactly what you’re after, but there’s a lot of potential to come up with a quick and easy system that works for you.

EDIT: Actually, thinking about this even more, supposing you kept your files the first way, with the notes as subdocuments to the main text, you could simplify the process by assigning a keyboard shortcut to the menu option Documents>Open>With All Subdocuments>On Other Editor Corkboard. Then the initial selection in the binder can open the main text body in the first editor and one stroke of the keys will open all the notes on the second editor’s corkboard. (You could also do this with the mouse and the contextual menu, but it’s buried in there so it’d take a little longer than the keyboard shortcut, though if you’re working with a separate mouse and doing it a lot I imagine you’d get pretty fast. I’m on a laptop so my hands are pretty much on the keys even when using the mouse.)

There is a new trick that might help you out. If you assign an internal Scrivener reference to a document in the inspector pane, and then re-name the link part from “[Internal Link]” to “*”, the document will be inserted at the top of the header bar icon menu. If you set your Navigation preferences right (to open internal references in the other split), you’ll be able to load a document, flick the menu open, click that linked document, and get an instant corkboard (if the linked document is a container of some sort). You can have multiple items in this “hot list”.

So there is absolutely no way I can instantaneously link an editor/page of poems with its corresponding corkboard? I’m bringing this back up since the official 2.0 just came out.
I have yet to have a situation where i need one set of poems and another set of poems’ corkboard within my manuscript. Each page has its own corkboard for a reason. They should be able to stay together.

Edit: I may be the only one of my kind, but I absolutely hate hot keys.

Does that above trick with the asterisk not accomplish this for you? It seems to be doing exactly what you want—and no hotkeys are required. Yes, it is an intentional thing you have to do, but I think that is for the best. For most people, single clicks knocking out both splits wouldn’t be desirable behaviour, it would actually be kind of annoying.