Switching to Windows: can't open files

I’m switching to Windows but all my scrivener files are being seen as folders so they won’t open. Ideas? The files are in Dropbox, I have scrivener 2 for both Mac and Windows machines, and I’m on Windows 7 in case that matters.

Are you going into those .scriv folders and opening the .scrivx files therein? That’s how you open them on Windows.

Scrivener projects are actually folders (with names typically ending in .scriv in Windows), containing collections of subfolders and files including the project index file (typically named project.srcrivx). In Windows, the project folders are visible as folders. In OS X, that is apparently hidden somewhat.

So, navigate to and into the appropriate project .scriv folder and attempt to open the project.scrivx file.

If that fails, please see the following thread and the threads it leads to…

Hope that helps.

P.S. Whoops. Sorry, Robert, for the overlapping post.