Swype keyboard compatibility

I just started using iOSScriv on my iPhone 5s, and am pleasantly surprised at how usable the small screen is.

A big factor in the 5s usability is the Swype keyboard, which has really made my typing more effective. I don’t think I would be able to use the 5s for long writing otherwise.

But I have noticed a couple of glitches in how Swype interacts with Scriv, or perhaps it is how Scriv interacts with Swype.

First is that the formatting palette does not display properly in Scriv while using Swype. When I select the paintbrush, all I can see of the formatting palette is “Done” in the upper right corner.

Second is that switching from portrait to landscape and then back again results in the lowest row (space bar) of the Swype keyboard disappearing. The only way to get it back is to switch to the normal keyboard, then back to swipe.

Is anybody else using Swype and having/not having similar problems with iOSScriv?


If you’re using a custom or third-party on-screen keyboard on the iPhone, you should go to Settings.app > Scrivener and, under the “Editor” options, enable “3rd Party Keyboard Support”. Third-party keyboards work very poorly with custom input view such as are normally used by the formatting panes, so this switches the formatting panes to full screen so that they will work bette with third-party keyboards.

All the best,

Keith -


That fixed how the the formatting palette displays.

Going from portrait to landscape to portrait is still flaky, but frankly I don’t plan on doing that often. And closing/reopening editor mode fixes it.


I use Swype. I saw your problem but got the bottom row of the Swype keyboard back by just tapping done to stop editing and then tapping in the text to start editing again.

Thanks Silverdragon, that’s how it works for me too.