symbol and text substitution

Since I’ve converted to Mac Lion, and through its revisions (currently 10.7.3) I’ve had not-always replicable instances of System Preferences/Language And Text/Symbol And Text Substitution items I’ve added — and even some of the default sub’s that come pre-packaged in the OS, for example ½, ¼, etc — not working.
And some substitutions have just quit working, even though I deleted the original substitution entry and then re-imput it. At other times the re-imput solves the problem — sometimes permanently-so-far, and other times just for a while.
I can’t give any reliable suggestions as to how to isolate this sometimes-situation, but I want to report it to you, even while recognizing it may very well be something outside of Scrivener.
The same substitutions that have become dead or erratic in Scrivener have sometimes (that frustratingly unscientific qualifier) concurrently worked well in other software I open up, such as Bean, or Word.

Only to clarify a point you made: in general terms if it stops working in Scrivener does it stop working in Word/Bean?

I expect one of the gurus will come in here and say that this is related to the spell-check problem that it seems is down to a weird “feature” of Lion, and, if my memory serves, in his latest response in one of those threads, Keith said that his latest beta has a snippet of code that overrides that feature, or a way of doing so. I suspect that the beta he refers to has not been uploaded yet … nothing about it appears on the current list of changes. Sadly, I can’t find the thread and don’t have time to spend searching.

But I’d recommend keeping updated with the latest betas; in general they are more stable than the released version and they resolve issues existing in the release version and introduce useful small changes suggested by users.


Yes, this does sound related - it not only affects spell-check but also substitutions. There seems to be a bug in Lion that causes its new Resume code to save spell-checking/substitutions settings somewhere private and then override the application’s settings - in other words, the settings get corrupt.

I have indeed changed a setting in the latest betas ( ) that I’m hoping will address this (it is mentioned in the release notes: “• Made some minor adjustments that should hopefully fix problems a handful of users have had whereby automatic spell-checking and corrections stops working on Lion”).

As the others have recommended, I would therefore suggest that you try downloading the latest beta and see if that helps at all. I have been in touch with Apple about this, and they are investigating, but the trouble is that neither they nor I can reproduce it. It’s only affected a handful of users (but enough to indicate that it is a real problem and one that only affects Lion), and projects they have sent me for testing that consistently fail in spell-checking or substitutions for them always work fine on my machine - which makes sense because Lion’s Resume feature saves the settings in a hidden location on your hard drive, so they wouldn’t be present on another machine.

Another thing you can try is this:

  1. In the Finder, open the “Go” menu and hold down the Option key, then click on “Library” (which only appears when Option is held down).

  2. In the Library folder that appears in a Finder window, open the “Saved Application State” folder.

  3. Inside that folder, look for a folder entitled “com.literatureandlatte.scrivener2.savedState” and move it to the Trash.

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