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I’m starting to integrate Scrivener into my workflow. I’ve had success exporting to Microsoft Word and changing the font to 12 pt Times New Roman when I export. I haven’t had an luck, however, exporting greek characters as the symbol font instead of the same font as the rest of the document. My coworkers like Times New Roman/Symbol font formatting. Is this possible?

Hi, I’m not 100% sure what you mean… Do you mean certain characters aren’t getting recognised properly (Greek or symbol characters?). It may be that another user can help you better - although I created Scrivener, it uses the text engine that is built into OS X (the one TextEdit uses), so users who have more need of using a lot of symbols or characters from different languages may have a better idea of how that engine works with such characters.
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Thanks for the quick reply.

I’ve inserted Greek characters into my document using Edit>Special Characters… which works great using the built in greek characters in MacOS fonts.

What I would like to do is export greek characters into Word using the symbol font to render the greek characters and times new roman, for example, to render the rest of the text. Unfortunately, this is the way everyone in my field does it.

Unfortunately, this idea (multiple fonts in an export) sort of goes against the idea of Scrivener, since it’s really a layout issue rather than a writing issue.

Edit>Special Characters inserts the correct Unicode string for your Greek characters - representing characters from multiple languages is exactly what Unicode is for. Unfortunately, Microsoft Windows didn’t have native Unicode support until a couple of years ago, so lots of hacks arose - I have a few friends who did basically the same thing as you’re talking about for Thai characters - they replaced ‘Times New Roman’ with a special hacked font that replaced each regular letter with a Thai character.

My suggestion is to write in Scrivener using your regular font - and insert your Greek characters using Edit>Special Characters (you can set up shortcuts to make this easier if you’re doing it a lot). Then, when you export, your characters will stay rendered correctly. When you do the formatting side of your document in Word or Pages (or whichever app you choose), then select your greek characters and change them to the Symbol font.

To be honest, though, the best solution would be to gently retrain your friends. Windows Vista (and XP Service Pack 2) and Mac OSX both fully support unicode and proper rendering of any language, so it’s no longer necessary to use specialised fonts to render international character sets. Rather, you should be able to use whichever font you prefer, and still have your Greek characters rendered correctly. But it’s up to you :smiley:

Actually (sorry to correct you here, Marcus), but there is nothing that really goes against Scrivener’s philosophy when it comes to exporting documents using multiple fonts. That should be fine - Scrivener is a rich text program, so doesn’t try to force any limitations in this regard.

This sounds more like an incompatibility between the fonts used in the Apple text system and those in Word, but I’m not sure. I’m still hoping that there are users who have come across this same problem who will be able to provide a better answer than I am able to give. Sorry!

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Heh, don’t be sorry, Keith. When I write my own excellent writing app I can claim the expert status as to how it works :smiley: