Symbols meaning for invisibles?

Its nice that there is an option to show some of the invisible characters used for marking up RTF’s.

However, the meaning of some of the character symbols that Scrivener uses are not defined.

It is not possible to get a tool-tip to explain what they are.

Would it not be possible to add a table of the ‘invisibles’ to the manual or something?

What is the symbol that is formed like a reverse P with a solid center and a small vertical ascender and a hooked vertical descender similar to a lower case ‘g’?

This link has the actual RTF symbols:

Perhaps that would be a good starting point for mapping against the Scrivener ‘invisibles’ symbols?



The non-printing characters Scrivener displays via Show Invisibles are fairly common to word processors with this option:

This shows them with the Courier New font, but they will use whatever font is used for that paragraph, so you may see some variation there.