Sync and Fullscreen


I’m using the macosx fullscreen-mode almost exclusively to write. BUT everytime when I open my project and I did some changes with my ipad - so that the sync starts with my dropbox - scrivener leaves fullscreen-mode to show me the “Updated Documents”-Collection. Is that intentionally? I would prefer to stay in fullscreen-mode.

Also: It would be handsome if one could turn of the sync-feature that it always shows the newest changes in a “Updated Documents”-Collection. It’s good to have that collection, but I don’t need to see it everytime. Most of the time I know where and what I did to the documents. Is there a way to turn that off?

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I bet that has more to do with the warning sheet than the collection that is shown. It looks like the warning sheet that comes down and says the project needs to be synced is the culprit that is interrupting the request to take the application full screen. Not sure if there is a way around that, that sounds like something is slightly messed up in the OS here (full screen still is a bit buggy in my experience).

There aren’t any plans to make the viewing of that collection optional. Think of it this way, we would need to somehow indicate that synchronisation happened successfully. The way it works now, if you get that collection then you know there was stuff to sync at that it all went over without trouble. It also provides you with a valuable safety net because like you say, you already know what should sync up, if the list that comes out of the computer doesn’t match what you know it should, then you can check the file that shouldn’t have synced and make sure nothing got messed up.

I see. Thank you. But I hope that this fullscreen “bug” (scrivener- oder osx-caused) will be fixed someday.

Oh boy, doesn’t look like that bug has gone away. I am experiencing the same thing with sync (except now with the excellent mobile version). I tried looking online for solutions, most pointed to unchecking “Close windows when quitting an app” in System Preferences > General, but that did not work.

To be clear, the issue I have (and it’s minor to be sure but still irritating) is that when I sync from mobile, Scrivener on the Mac exits fullscreen (the project seems to close and reopen) and then does not reenter fullscreen.

Again, totally minor, but it’s like an itch you can’t quite scratch. Any help in the matter (I am really hoping that I am just not seeing some simple setting) would be greatly appreciated!

  • Dan