Sync between Index Cards and Text

I always work with a split screen modus. left I got my index cards. right I got my scrivener texts/script. Now I don’t know if I am missing something but if I click in the left window on one of the index cards (let’s say f.e. “scene #2”), on the right window the text doesn’t jump to “scene #2” but instead just stays there where I left it before. Is there any chance to connect index cards with the scrivener texts so if I click one of the index cards it would jump to the right scene in my whole text/script?
hope I made myself clear :smiley:

Yep yep. In the footer of the corkboard view, click the little icon of two arrows so it turns blue. That will link the two editors so that clicking in the corkboard will open the document in the other pane. This works for outliner, too. :slight_smile:

Also, make sure your second editor isn’t locked (with a pink header instead of gray or blue). If it is, then it won’t be effected by the clicking in the binder or the other editor, so you’ll need to opt-cmd-L to unlock it, deselect View>Editor>Lock in Place, or deselect the option from the dropdown menu if you click the document icon in the editor header.

thanks !!! :smiley:

Thanks for the tip I was not aware of that.