Sync between iOS app and Windows 3 Beta messes with the project goals & preferences

Well, first I’m not 100% this is a problem with the Beta 3 or if this sync is properly supported yet between both platforms.

The problem: I’m working mostly on-the-go and at home. To keep track of my deadlines I use both the calculate session word count by finish date and the option to omit do-not-compile parts from the overall word count.

I set them up in windows and would sync my documents via dropbox to iOS, work on my iPad on the go and then sync the documents back.

When I open the projects back on windows, the options to omit the do-not-compile is turned off again (I need to re-activate it for every project I synced.
Also, all deadline preferences are gone and I need to re-set every single one of them.

The only thing that is retained is the last daily word count that was calculated before closing the project and opening it on iOS.

I’m going to call it a beta problem.

The project formats are the same, so synchronizing with iOS Scrivener shouldn’t be any more hazardous to your preferences than copying between two PCs or two Macs. Any setting that iOS Scrivener doesn’t support should still be preserved, and reappear when you’re back on a platform that does support it. At least that’s the expected behavior on a Mac.