Sync between PC and laptop

Does anyone have any advice about the best way to keep Scrivener synchronised across a laptop and PC both of which are on a home wi-fi network?

It might be best to just use file sharing in that case, rather than some kind of synchronisation technology. The latter is going to be more complicated and error prone. But if you prefer to turn your PC off while you are around the house with a laptop, then Dropbox is a pretty good solution. Do make sure to go through the chapter on Cloud Integration and Sharing in the user manual PDF if you take that route.

Many thanks, that sounds like good advice.

You could also use Remote Desktop. I use this system all the time because I have compatibility issues with having a MAC laptop and a Windows PC desktop.

Right now I am using remote desktop to post this message. On my MAC, which is going away at Christmas, I can see and write in the Windows version of Scrivener which is installed on my upstairs PC desktop. This solves the compatibility issue for me right now with a number of programs. I like the MAC but since I have too many PC programs that won’t run on a MAC, I am “gifting” this MAC to my daughter. I will, in turn. be “gifted” with my husband’s old PC laptop.

I do not know how to set up remote desktop but it seems to be easy when using a home WiFi network. Luckily for me all I have to do is just ask my husband to do “stuff” and he can usually figure it out.

On another two points: will the next version of Scrivener have the Format:Revisions Mode option where you can type revisions with a particular color? That would be so useful!

Second point, when will the next Beta version be available, like Nov. 8, hopefully. I don’t want any down time. Or, if there is a final version, will that be released in a timely manner for us Beta users? Also, please, please be sure to include INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS FOR DUMMIES. Thank you for putting together such a fine product. I have never been so productive!

Revisions mode won’t be in the 1.0 release, but it will get in here eventually. :slight_smile: And there will be a new update next week, well before the current beta expires.