Sync button in Toolbar?

Hi. Loving v. 2!

Since you’ve mentioned in another thread that an automatic sync on close isn’t going to happen, might it be possible to just make it possible to add a sync button to the toolbar? So people who’d use it can put it there, and others can leave it out?

Syncing is tremendously important to me, but I know how I get when I’m in the zone writing, and I’ll forget to do a multi-step process hidden in menus. But I’m much more likely to remember to hit the big sync button (like in Evernote, which I’ve stopped using now because of Scrivener!)

A lot of people have asked for just about every possible menu item to be a button on the toolbar, which if implemented (even to just pick from all the options) would be a bit overwhelming, so I wouldn’t hold your breath. :wink: (for one example and a KB reply)

However, it’s easy to set up a keyboard shortcut for this feature via the system preferences, which personally I find to be even simpler than having to mouse to the toolbar and hit an icon. I just finish typing and sync and I’m good to go. (Actually, I sync a little obsessively, to be honest. It makes me feel productive.) On the other hand, I use shortcuts for most things, so I realize it’s just a preference.