Sync challenge on iPad

GenerallyScrivener sync works OK for me when I remember to do it manually both ends…

However my new iPad is causing me difficulties. I don’t see the file I am working on, in Scrivener Mac.

I have read and re-read the relevant KB support doc. Very helpful. But the sync is still elusive.

I have checked:

Correct Dropbox account
Correct file path
Can see file in iOS Dropbox app and Mac Dropbox app
Have prompted sync in iOS and also in Mac OS Scrivener
Have quit and restarted the app and OS
Internet is very good (for a country area) and more to the point, wifi is on the top line and running Spotify, which would soon show any drops.

What am I missing?

Are you sure that your iPad is looking in the right directory on Dropbox? In the folder where you have saved the project on the Mac?

A detail: In the iOS Dropbox app you should see a folder, not a file. The project is a package, i.e a folder looking like a file in Finder on the Mac.

Yes, it is the Scrivener folder which all projects and backups save to. I can’t see beyond this high level, but that seems normal to me. I only have the one save location.

It has happened before that people thought they had the project in the right folder when they in fact didn’t, or that their iPad wasn’t looking where they thought it were.
I have moved a lot of projects back and forth ever since iOS Scrivener was released, and I have never had any problems.

If I were you I’d check and double check. Using Finder on the Mac, using the web interface, and both Files and the Dropbox app on the iPad, to make sure that the project is where it should be and then to doublecheck the sync settings on the iPad.

My next step would be to move the project on the Mac, out from the Dropbox folder and then back. Or save it somewhere else under a new name and move that project into the correct folder, on the Mac, using Finder. And then sync the iPad again, after making sure that the Mac Dropbox app was done syncing.