Sync Compile Format Presets across Mac's

Apologies if this is answered somewhere already. I have done some searching of the forum and tech support but not found an answer, so if someone could point me to it, that would be most welcome, thanks.

I have more than one Mac that I work Scrivener on. I use Dropbox to successfully sync my projects.

I manage my own presets in the Compile pane to save time, but I find that the presets do not sync automatically from one mac to another. I would like that to happen.

Is it as simple as saving the Preset as a ‘Project Preset’ rather than a ‘Global Preset’? This may work for me, but I do have presets that are ‘Global’ in nature and that I wish to use across many projects.

Is there a way of syncing Global Presets?



It’s not simple, but it’s possible…

This is probably the post you want to examine and decide if you want to try: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=35716

As for the Global vs Project presets, are you talking about the Replacements tab of the compile window? In that context, the “Project” replacements are not saved with the compile preset when you save it; they’re only stored with the project you’re working on.

Thanks and I may well give that a go. If it works for me, it will solve my challenge.

I see what you mean about the project specific option and that won’t solve it for me.

Thanks for your prompt and helpful response, I had not found that thread