Sync conflicts and clean up

I am starting a new topic since the one I’m referring to was back in February. Apologies if that isn’t the preferred method.

Back in February Katherine posted:

I would appreciate seeing that clean up procedure. I use the most current version of Scrivener on iOS (75% iPad 25% iPhone). I haven’t opened the project in question on Marcos at all. I am very careful with the “sync hygiene” but still have a long list of conflicts about 90% of the time(long to me is 30).
I have carefully reviewed and deleted or re -placed files each frustrating time.
Today I noticed that the text & few images are missing out of all of my early files…the 1st 50 or so I created for sure.
So cleanup…and recovery procedures…please.
Kriss aka kbanshee

Here you go:

Note that the Scrivener project format is different in Version 3, but the underlying principle is the same.