Sync Conflicts Detected on IOS (iPad)

Been editing a document on my iPad. Have been using the button to sync to Dropbox. It goes through the sequence of updating Dropbox and on the iPad reports that it has finished updating.

Open both Scrivener and Dropbox on the Macintosh and the updates that took place on the iPad are not present. Instead when reopening on the iPad (IOS) I get a Sync Conflicts Detected where I can either cancel opening the project or tell the project that “Dropbox is Synced” and all my edits are still in place on my tablet.

How does one proceed to get the Dropbox and Macintosh to have the version with the edits?

You start your Mac, then wait for the Dropbox app to download all the changes from the Dropbox server before you open the project in Scrivener on your Mac. And before opening the project again on your iPad you close the project on your Mac and wait for all changes to be downloaded to the Dropbox server before you turn off your Mac.