Sync Continually Failed From iPad to Dropbox

Using Scrivener on iPad (for a couple of years), synced to dropbox. Also Scrivener on desktop PC. Am traveling now, so only have access to iPad. I duplicated a project and then deleted the project and since then, have been receiving this error when trying to sync any/all projects:
Sync Failed: An error occurred when trying to create a local directory.
The file “Settings” does not exist (The File doesn’t exist.)

I’ve added considerably to the projects I’m working on (more than one) and I don’t want to loose my work. How can I fix this sync issue?

Apologies for not being able to find answer in archive.

I would recommend moving your projects to the “On My IPad” area in iOS Scrivener until you’re able to address this from your PC. I suspect that the duplicate/delete left Dropbox trying to synchronize a project that no longer exists. You risk making matters worse unless you’re able to look at all of the connected devices at once.

For backups in the meantime, you can tap the Export icon that appears when you tap Edit above the project list. That will create a ZIP archive that you can email to yourself.


Thank you!

Thanks again Katherine!
Not only is the zip feature fantastically easily, it’s a great way to provide further back up when in a place where Internet is limited.

Most important, with zipped back-ups in hand, I was able to deleted the files (from my desktop) which were causing the problems and then add the fresh copies back and sync my iPad without problems.

So once again, thank you!