Sync Custom Dictionary with Mac Desktop version

It looks like the “learned words” list has some gaps in it–iOS version underlines with red some of the words and names which desktop has agreed to ignore. I also see no way to “learn spelling” in iOS version, although it would be very sweet to have, unless I am missing something?

In both cases you are referring to Apple technology used inside of other programs to achieve spell and grammar (on the Mac) checking. We don’t have anything to do with how these words are set as incorrect, ignored, learned or whether such things can be transmitted between operating systems.

I thought it was the app’s feature,
OK then:

I’m using Dropbox to go back and forth between two Macs running the same OS, and I have the same problem as the original poster - learned/ignored words don’t get carried over between machines. Is this still a MacOS bug/feature?

For Macs alone, the word list is just a text file in ~/Library/Spelling, using the ISO standard abbreviation for the language. For example you might have an “en” or “en_GB” file. If you open that in a regular old text editor you’ll find your custom words.

So you could just copy that file now and then, or use a file merge tool to sync changes from one machine to another. Unfortunately I don’t think you can “sync” it. It is one of those cases where Apple doesn’t open and save the file in a standards-friendly manner, so if you use a sym link pointing to another place, the sym link gets blown away and replaced with a hard copy of the file.

Amber, thanks for the quick reply! Exactly what I needed. Great support, thanks again!