Sync dropbox separate devices

Mostly i use S on an Imac then synchronise (update changes) via Dropbox on an iPhone and iPad.

Is it ok to sync with ipad and iphone both simultaneously or is it safer to do so only one device at a time.

Assuming that you aren’t trying to edit the project at the same time, it’s safe to sync both at once.

Once the changes have been uploaded from the iMac, there’s a complete copy of the project on a Dropbox server. They should have enough bandwidth to handle multiple connections to the same folder.


Thank you.

I am having real difficulty with this. I just don’t understand the dropbox part of all this. I write mainly on my imac but want it synced the whole time to my ipad which I use when I am travelling and out and about. I just can’t work out how to sync to dropbox - which i have an account with and use ok - and then get it to sync back to the ipad. Can anyone explain how to do this in really simple terms. Make it easy for me PLEASE !!!

On Scrivener for iOS, go to the list of projects and select the tutorial. Then jump down to the “Syncing” document and read that carefully. If you get to a spot where you’re confused, then pop back here with a question about where you’re running into trouble understanding or following the instructions.

There’s a troubleshooting guide for synchronization issues here: … os-syncing

And a step by step guide to setting up synchronization here: … g-with-ios