Sync Error “Could Not Copy/Remove Content”

I’ve using Scrivener on Windows (Version: and the iOS app, syncing via Dropbox. In the last couple of days, I’ve opened text files to find them empty. Today when I tried to use Scrivener on my laptop, I got an error message. At the top is the Scrivener logo, and it says: “Sync Error.” Below that is says: “Could not copy/remove content, content styles and/or content comments for UUID:” and then there’s a long alpha-numeric chain.

Can someone please explain what’s happening and how I can resolve this? This is causing all my work to disappear and I am hesitant about using your product until I know how to resolve this.

Make sure your cloud is set for the files to be available offline.

Thanks - could you expand on that advice please. Is that a Dropbox setting?

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