Sync Error with External Folder

Hello, first time post! :slight_smile:

I own Scrivener 1.x and am testing the NaNoWriMo 2.0 version and I /love/ it, especially all the sync options. I set up Scrivener 2.0 to sync with a folder in Dropbox, and it worked fine for awhile. I use PlainText to edit on my iPad and a generic editor to edit while in Windows. Anyway, now when I sync, I get a “Sync Error” and it says:

“There was a problem syncing the project with the specified folder. Check you have enough free space or, if the folder is stored on an external drive, make sure it is connected.”

I only use about 100MB of my Dropbox folder so I have plenty of space, and my network connection is fine. The weird thing is the the sync seems to work despite the error but I am concerned that something may go wrong eventually.

Any ideas on why I might be getting the message or how I might be able to address it?



That error message just means that there was some unspecified problem during the sync - it could have been one of several things, really. If you don’t mind waiting, I’ll help you troubleshoot it later in the week. I need to get the release out tomorrow, then on Tuesday I’ll be starting work on 2.0.1 to iron out bugs and will start trouble-shooting everything that has been reported so far. So, please drop us a line on support AT literatureandlatte DOT com around Wednesday or Thursday time and we’ll start looking at what could be causing this.

Sorry for the delay - normally I’m able to look at these things within a day or two, it’s just that it’s a little bit mental trying to get the release out.


No worries, Keith, thanks! I’ll drop an email to support line so you can queue it up when you have a chance.

Thank you for all your hard work on Scrivener 2.0. It truly is an awesome product!

I just sent in an email to support since I am still having this issue with the official non-NaNoWriMo version of Scrivener 2.0. Thanks!

Thanks; got it. I’ll forward it along.

Hi, I also have a problem, can’t sync with neither plaintext or notebooks on external folders. I get the message attached (picture). I have no problem to sync with simplenote but Plaintext and especially notebooks would be much better because they have folders. I wonder why simplenote doesn’t add folders.

Thanks for helping
Screen shot 2010-11-05 at 3.49.46 PM.png

To avoid this, just don’t make extra directories in your Scrivener sync folder, and really don’t move stuff around from the original Notes/Draft structure. When you say you can’t sync: are you getting that information from files that haven’t changed when they should have, or just because there is a yellow icon, because this warning says it has synced, but it’s ignored all of your custom folders.

It actually didn’t synced at all, that’s the problem. I didn’t do anything but connecting scrivener to my external folder which contains subfolders with notes.

Have you tried fixing the folders first? I mean, restore it back to how it should look, and then run sync. If that works, drag in the new items you created in a flat list, into the notes section (or drafts if they are extra material for the book).