Sync existing projects?

I’m so happy that Scrivener for iOS is here. I think my question might be silly but I’ve not been able to sort it out myself, so here it is. I’ve downloaded the program to my Ipad Pro, but I do not know how to pull up my existing projects which are all saved on Dropbox. I can create new projects, but of course my main objective is to continue working on the Ipad on projects that I usually access on the laptop. What am I missing?

Scrivener for iOS includes a tutorial project that has step-by-step instructions explaining how to synchronise projects with other devices using Dropbox.

There are also detailed articles on syncing here: … os-syncing

and here: … g-with-ios

From your description of the problem, it sounds like you need to make sure that the existing projects are stored in the appropriate folder within Dropbox.