sync external folder errors out with .md files

was playing around with the .md files that i do have and was bringing them into scrivener with the sync to external folder function but there’s a tiny hiccup.

so in the sync dialog, i can tell scrivener to save as plain text files and even to save using the .md extension which is awesome for going back and forth with an markdown editor. and when i open up the .md files that scrivener saved with a markdown editor and then have scrivener sync, it syncs with no problem.

but if i put .md files that were created by another program (even notepad) and scrivener tries to import it for the first time (using sync with external folder), it puts it in the trashed folder and says that there was an error in syncing.

that’s a minor hiccup and i can just rename all my .md files to .txt to bring them into scrivener and then have scrivener save it as .md itself… but it would be nice if scrivener just took .md files as text files from the gitgo.



Thanks for the report! This seems to have broken for all extensions when using the plain-text folder sync with a specified extension. I’ve filed a bug report. In the meantime, importing the files using the .txt extension as you’re doing seems to be the best solution.

Perhaps try using the (filename).md.txt extension? That’s a fairly common markdown identifier.