Sync feature for windows any closer?

just wondering…

i’ve been using simplenote but its attempt to stay synced in real time makes opening and taking a note just too laggy.

so now i’m looking to ditch third party note services altogether and use dropbox and plain text clients that can sync with dropbox.

in fact, it looks like scrivener is just PERFECT to do just that kind of thing - at least work as the desktop client i’m looking for:

but dammit! that’s mac only! GAHHHHHH!

so any word on when we might see this for windows? this is kinda big for me and would love to use scrivener instead of getting yet another editor to do my notetaking/reading…



I didn’t go and watch the video, but you can do Scriv in dropbox if you do one important thing: pause the syncing while Scriv is open. (Actually, when it has a project open–you could let Scriv run just fine with dropbox running as long as you don’t try to work in a project. I’m prone to forget, so I just pause before I start Scriv, and start after I close).

I don’t know if that helps, but it works well for me this way. I also use Plain Text to take notes on, and then import them into scriv as needed. (You can’t work on Scriv project files with any other editors without risk of screwing up something, so don’t do that).