Sync Files between Projects

Is there as a simple and effective way to keep certain items, folders and files synced and available from any project you are currently at?

I tried cross project references and the Scratchpad, but both have very limited utility when it comes to what I want. What I’m trying is to have Writing Tips, Research and specific Notes available to all my projects and not have to painstakingly drag updated files and folders between projects to keep them updated.

Is there a feature that would help me with this?

IMHO, probably a stretch to use Scrivener, which is designed for individual writing “projects”, to work as you wish here. I won’t say that people don’t try and some may claim success, but it’s a stretch. Other tools exist that might be more useful and productive for your purposes.

You can easy create your own Project Template containing these items. They will be available every time you start a Project from that Template.

Or, you could have those “special” documents\folders be in a project of their own.
Linking to that project inside another project would make calling it up a one click operation.
This side project being a real project of his own, it would stay up to date whenever “awaken” ; regardless of from which of your “parent” projects linking to it that would have been.

What to do at compile is less certain.
Duplicate and integrate to parent project maybe.
Or perhaps there is a way to use one or a few placeholders to link to its content.

This sub-project would, of course, require backups of his own.

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I assume the common source stuff would not be intended for compiling anyway, so it does seem like putting that stuff in a project of its own would be a good way to go. Then just keep that project open as well as the project being worked on.


In theory, the idea of making a project that keeps all the files together I need across documents, is good and I even tried it before making this thread. In practise, I removes most of the utility that scrivener files have, like being able to use the bookmarks directly from the inspector, show it side by side in the other editor, among other things. For now, I think I have to make due with copying the files for each projects so they keep their utility.

Putting the projects side-by-side, if you have the screen real estate, does mitigate at least some of that, but yeah I see what you mean.