Sync issue

Ok so I read the sticky and have everything set up as suggested and have been doing everything as suggested. I have Scrivener on my iPhone 6 Plus and my iPad Pro as well as a MacBook Pro.

Last night, I made some notes on my iPhone in the Scrivener app. I synced it, waited for the sync to finish then closed the app and went to sleep. This morning I opened the file on my iPad. It mentioned changes as expected and wanted to sync. All good I chose sync and it said it finished. I opened the project and it detected a conflict. Now here’s where it all goes pear shaped. I chose the option that Dropbox was synced and it made a conflicts folder as it says it will in the sticky, but now every time I open the app on either my iPhone or my iPad it says there’s a conflict and adds to the conflict folder. I don’t know how to get it all in sync again. I don’t even make changes, just open it, sort out the conflict, get it added to the conflict folder. I have about five conflicts in my folder now and it’s the same one.

I haven’t had the projects open on more than one machine.
I haven’t failed to sync the project at the start and end of the session.
I’ve been really careful, I don’t understand.

This is also the second time this has happened, both times after editing on the iPhone, I’ve had no trouble with the iPad. The first time however was far worse as the project came up with the conflict dialogue and then saved nothing to conflict folder and the project refused to actually open at all after that. I had to copy the project and delete the old one to get it to work.

This is very frustrating as I’ve been so careful to make sure I don’t edit on one machine while the other is open and I always make sure that the device is synced before and after making changes.

How do I stop this madness?

Many thanks