sync issues windows-mac

Some years ago I used Scrivener on mac and windows interchangeably without any difficulties, syncing via Dropbox. For about three years now I’ve only used mac, but I recently changed jobs and therefore I’m back to using both. However, files created on my Windows won’t seem to sync to my mac. All other files in that particular folder sync without problems. I tried saving a Scrivener file on my mac. This syncs to Windows but Windows won’t open it. I use Box to sync files. I have not had any of the files open at the same time at two computers.

Any advice appreciated.

Have you updated to the latest version of the Windows Scrivener? There was the internal file format change recently, and if you updated the Mac install but not Windows, the Mac would be writing the newer format that the older Windows version doesn’t understand.

I’m having the same issue, but the other way.
Files that I create on Mac aren’t opening on Windows.
Both versions are up to date.

Have you looked to see if there are any conflicted files? It seems that the Mac version is much more tolerant of conflicted files than the Windows version. I collaborate with a Windows-using friend, and on one occasion she told me she couldn’t open the project. It turned out there was a conflicted file; she deleted the older version and all was well. In several years, that is the only time we have had any problem.

Mr X

Thanks a lot, everybody. My Windows Scrivener version is - 06 okt 2015. I have it set up to check for updates daily. I couldn’t find an option where it says “check for updates now”. I also can’t find any conflicted files. Like woodkid, I also have problems the other way around. My Mac version is 2.7.1.