Sync No Longer Working - Can't Sync to Old Folder


I work on my project on both my MacBook (OS 10.15.4) and iPad 9 (iOS 13.5.1).

They used to sync up perfectly with the same Dropbox folder but a couple of days ago that stopped. I’m not sure why, as I don’t think there were any significant updates. Changes to the project on the iPad and the MacBook are no longer syncing and I now have two different versions of the project.

All my projects sit within a Dropbox folder called “Scrivener.” On the iPad, I checked my Dropbox settings are correct and it it appears to be syncing to this folder to a project file called RHB.scriv. But when I check the Dropbox website, the last change to the project file seems to be Aug 19, not the 24th.

When I go into the Sync settings on Mac Scrivener and try to choose “Scrivener” as the External Folder (it was blank when I checked it whereas as it used to be “Dropbox/Scrivener”) a dialogue box tells me I can’t choose “Scrivener” because “This folder already has contents.” It asks me to create a new folder within the “Scrivener” folder. I did that, but now when I try to select that new folder as the Sync location for the iPad version, it’s going to Sync/recreate all my Projects there, which seems silly. Why can’t I simply Sync to the old Scrivener folder? Why does it now matter that my trusty “Scrivener” folder “has contents” when it used to work just fine?

Thanks for any pointers! I’m sure I’m missing something.


First, make sure that the Dropbox app is running on the Mac.

Secondly, you just Open the project in that folder, once the Db app is done syncing everythin (green tick mark in Finder).
The Sync you are trying to set up in preferences has nothing to do with syncing with the iPad. It’s meant for “exporting” to an external folder where a non-Scrivener editor can edit the files and the changes can then b e synced back to Scrivener.

A troubleshooting guide for iOS synchronization can be found here: … os-syncing


Thank you, I was able to get them synced up again but there were no Conflict documents of the one that was lost. Super strange and it didn’t show up in the Backup documents. Must have been user error.