sync on IOS-big problems

I just found I can’t trust the robustness of sync on IOS. yes, I might forgot close the app after I sync or something I did wrong ;even if so, it shouldn’t mess up and down with a long list of conflicts without original file names so that I cannot know from which those conflicts are coming .

Next, I just don’t remember how I ended up with now I have different versions of projects across my PC, iphone and ipad. I probably created a file on PC, then I changed the file name on IPAD, and then I change some note for that file on Iphone. I remember I all sync after change; but I forgot whether sync before change on different devices. I guess I didn’t. If it is a single file I can recover it from dropbox, but now it is a folder, I probably cannot recover all files in this folder to some time point since they are not written at one time.

I just suggest let writer could choose which version - server(dropbox) to download or local to upload; otherwise, if there is one time one forgets to sync, the server side has no the version which is actually new and needed, and everything cut off.

Now I just have to delete dropbox project and then resync from my iphone to dropbox and then redownload to my ipad. Then still need to change some files cause what I need now is splitting over dropbox, iphone, and ipad. I even forgot why I ended up with this?.. I am very frustrated and luckily I have just started to write in the app; otherwise I …

Ijust provide a suggestion on sync.

How about learn the sync from devonthink to go. store a local copy with original file structure but not in dropbox folder; put a single file database in dropbox with all files with new structure and sync from that single file to ios devices with whatever file structure. By doing this, we can use dropbox’s backup function to recover.

Now on dropbox it is a folder with files so that the sync is problematic.