I have install index card on my IPad and Drop Box on my computer and my Ipad to sync with Scrivener on my Mac. I created the folder and follow the instruction. I can sync de cards with the title, but the synopsis notes don’t follow eather from srivener or index card. I check the option include notes on the index card. I know the notes are transferred in drop box file. I have text attach on the synopsis. I don’t know wath to do next. I’ve read the help sheet on that. I’ve try lots of time, but always the same problem : title transfers but note the text in the synopsis.


Have you tried watching this video, which walks you through the process?

Take a look at that and let us know if that doesn’t help.


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I already watch the video and I do the same process several times in both ways. But nothing have changed : the title is there but not the notes.

I just realize that when I open the inspector the text appear in the synopsis. But not in the editor and the text are note synchronized. There’s a different text in the editor and in the sypnosis in the inspector.

That’s how it’s meant to be - Scrivener’s index cards sync with Index Card’s index cards. Were you expecting the text in Scrivener to be the same as what’s on the index cards? If so, I definitely recommend going through the interactive tutorial project, available from the Help menu, to get familiar with how Scrivener works. The index cards are entirely separate from the text and provide a way of jotting down a synopsis to describe the text. This is why it works perfectly with Index Card - you can work on the structure (outline) in Index Card and then bring that back into Scrivener, with the summaries in the synopsis index cards ready to start writing in the main text area based on what you’ve jotted down about your scenes or ideas or whatever.

If you also want to sync the main text with Index Card, be sure to tick “Sync main text with index card notes” in the Index Card sync panel. The main text will appear on the back of cards in Index Card.

Hope that helps.

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What about the back of the index card?
I noticed the video didn’t have the option to “Include Notes in export” when the host was exporting from index card.
I sometimes write a sentence or two in the front as a guide then write the big heavy ideas on the back. But stuff on the back doesn’t seem to come through. My best guess is that this was in an index card update and scrivener doesn’t recognize yet.

EDIT. I just opened the indexcard file in my dropbox folder and non of the Notes on the back of the get synced. Looks like this could be an index card app issue.

Make sure you tick the option in the Index Card Sync panel:

The video was made before this option was added (and before Index Card stored that information in external files).

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Had to update Scrivener. That was it.

Thanks a bunch KB for the super quick response.