Sync problems and duplicate files

I upgraded from my purchased Scrivener v1 to the Beta.

In the process, I tried to keep the same Sync folder that I use to incorporate my notes from JotterPad on Android. But I’ve run into a problem. Many files seem to have become duplicated.

I received a warning not to use the same backup folder, but continued anyway. It seems that the new version, perhaps the project, is creating its own stamp on the files?

I’m confused too about how the sync is actually working - does it compare files to see what is new, i.e. between the project as saved and the sync folder? In other words, if there is a new file in the project, but not in the sync folder, it adds that file to the sync folder. And if there is a new file in the sync folder but not in the project, it adds that file to the project?

So if there are different stamps on the saved files based on the project name, then all the old files from the previous version of the project in V1 of Scrivener would be seen as ‘new’ files and import them in, though they would of course be duplicates.

It’s a shame, because I have a very large project and going through to find the duplicates seems to be quite a job. It might be that the newly imported files all got appended to the end of the project in Binder and I just have to check a few to see that that was the case and then delete.

Wondering if anyone else has had this problem and if there is either a workflow guideline on this syncing that I should brush up on, or if there is some feature even for sniffing out duplicate files based on content if not file names?