Sync problems OS to IOS via Dropbox

Recently I have noticed an increase in sync issues. I use Scrivener 3 on my 2104 i7 iMac, running Mojave, and have Scrivener IOS on my iPad running IOS 13. I tend to have a VPN running on the iMac. I use DropBox to sync. My backups are kept in a separate folder.

Can anyone offer me a troubleshooting workflow, to try and get this ironed out?

FYI I tend to sketch out scenes on the iPad, and press the sync symbol often, and always just before closing. It is often on the iMac that I get the warning. At times, on the iPad, I get asked to close the project to allow syncing, but still, I end up with conflicted copies of scenes.

Could you please give some more details, describing exactly what the problem is. What kind of sync issues are you seeing?

A troubleshooting guide for iOS synchronization can be found here: … os-syncing

Based on your description, the most likely cause is that you’re going too fast: you’re not allowing synchronization to finish before switching devices.

Remember that syncing is two discrete steps: Upload from Device A to the Dropbox server, then download from the server to Device B. Also, if the project is open on the Mac, you’ll need to explicitly incorporate changes with the File → Sync → With Mobile Devices command.