Sync project & document notes

One thing I think would make the best writing software even better would be the ability to sync Project Notes (maybe document notes too) with external folder and Simplenote.

I love the project notes feature in 2.x, and use them for many different uses (notes from an editor, a todo list for revisions, scene ideas to add, etc etc).
Yes, I could use binder notes for this, but I love being able to see the project notes on the right hand side whilst moving between scenes in the binder.

When I have a new idea ‘on the go’ I jot it down in ‘things’ on my iphone, which syncs to ‘things’ on my mac. I then copy and paste it to the list in Project notes in Scrivener. So you can see why a direct sync would be much easier!

I just wanted to add my thanks for the latest update. Keep finding new features that make this software better and better (love the new highlight colour picker particularly).

Thank You!


Thanks for the kind words. That’s not a bad idea - I’ve added it to the list of possibilities for the future.

Thanks and all the best,

thanks Keith