Sync project notes?

Two questions:

  • It seems it is not possible to sync project or document notes with an external folder?

  • Is it possible to store Scratchpad notes in plain text so that they are editable on my mobile device (ipodtouch)?

  1. An accurate assessment. :slight_smile: If you want to work on some note files while out, you could just copy the text into a binder file temporarily.

  2. No, but if they belong to some project, they’d probably be better off in a project, and then thus eligible. For all around global note taking, Notational Velocity + Simplenote is probably the best solution. Then you can access your notes easily anywhere. Scratch pad isn’t really meant to compete with that. It’s more of a temporary loading zone. :slight_smile: Which I do admit does mesh a bit with an iPod Touch or similar, but the point is, it’s only marginally less difficult to use NV to transfer your thoughts of the day to your Scrivener projects.

I’ve been using the Scratchpad more and more. It’s so convenient as it can be accessed when I’m using another program, and get an idea (that might not be related to any project). I’ve also started using it for writing blog posts - with several browser windows open, perfect!.

Therefore, a plain text Scatchpad version (optional) that could be edited on an iphone / ipod touch would be perfect!

You’re right, I could use Notational Velocity (NV) / simplenote, but there is a mess with more than hundred notes about different topics - most of them not related to writing. It’s a mess…

As many others here, I’m struggling with havning notes both here and there, Scrivener could solve many of those issues :smiley: