Sync question

I use Scrivener on my iPad and sync with my iMac via Dropbox. Works perfectly–but it is slooooow. Like, ungodly slow. Slow enough that sometimes it fails. I think it might be because I have a bunch of large files on the iPad, even though I’m finished with most of them.
Here’s the (possibly dumb) question: Can I delete the files off of the iPad without them being deleted from Dropbox/iMac during the next sync? If I do, will it improve the sync speed?
Sorry, but I am paranoid.

Use the Mac to move those projects somewhere else. if you delete them from the iPad, next time you sync the iPad they will be deleted from the Dropbox server and when you open your Mac it will sync and thus delete from your Mac as well.

Move them somewhere else! Oit of the sync folder.
If sync is slow, make sure you don’t have anything but your active projects in the folder you sync with your iPad.

Thanks. Worked perfectly.

Glad to hear it! :slight_smile:
I have a dedicated subfolder in my general Dropbox Scrivener folder and only that subfolder sync with the iPad. That way sync is quick and I can still access all projects from all Macs.

I’ve just bought a new iPad and was trying to sync the files from my desktop computer onto the iPad, but it didn’t work. I got an error message saying the files weren’t in .scriv and that was the issue. I have all my files in .rtf because I must have read somewhere that it was a good idea.

I’m not sure how to proceed. Not very tech-savvy and have looked through the forum but can’t troubleshoot or find a step by step guide to fix this. Any ideas would be welcome! Thank you

What did you do?

You need to have a Dropbox account and to have the Dropbox app downloaded and running on your computer. You then save your projects into a subfolder under your Dropbox folder (which the app creates).
On your iPad, point iOS Scrivener to look into the correct Dropbox folder, under Edit, gear wheel, Dropbox settings.

The full description is found under Learn & Support, scroll down to Common questions and there you find a link to this page: … g-with-ios

Thank you, Lunk. I’ve managed to fix the issue without losing anything, luckily. I was inadvertently exporting to an external folder. Now, I do everything from Dropbox. Thank you for your help!