sync scrivener docs with iphone

i got a problem, i’d like to sync my scrivener docs with my iphone. i just need these docs for my daily work, no need to write on my iphone just reading the documents. is there any possibility any app for syncing scrivener documents with the iphone?

Yes, use the Compile feature to produce an RTF and then send them to Stanza on the phone. There might be other document readers available that could help with this, too. If you don’t mind compiling to plain-text, then you’d have a lot more options available for reading and even a little editing.

thx amber for your answer, i already compiled the file to a *.rtf. the thing is that the folders i like so much don’t exist anymore …

If you want to have a bunch of folders and files that you can browse, maybe the will work for you? I’ve never actually used that version of it, but I think it lets you browse your folders and read files. Maybe if you use Export from the File menu instead of Compile, and export to your DropBox folder, that would do the trick. Has anyone else tried this?

I use iFiles. Excellent for viewing rtf files, movies, images and pdfs etc. You can use folders and it’s real easy to sync from your desktop.